It’s also perfect for marinades, either on its own or as a stand-in for buttermilk. However, it tastes better in salad dressings and sauces. It’s used in a wide variety of recipes, including soups, sauces, homemade butter, ice cream and sour cream. Many people will substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream because their taste and texture are similar, but that depends on who you ask. The same amount of full-fat sour cream contains 54 calories, 6 grams of fat and 1 gram of protein (6, 7). But, for others, yogurt – even Greek yogurt – is a poor substitute. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For topping baked potatoes, combine Greek yogurt with a pinch of salt, fresh pepper, and chives or parsley. It's easy to change that, however. Both of them have textures and consistencies similar to sour cream. You can use yogurt as a substitute for sour cream in a 1:1 ratio. I've never had much success using cashew sour cream … Thick, rich and tangy, yogurt and Greek yogurt are great candidates to substitute for sour cream. The sauce recipe is as follows (and will be cooked for 20-30mins at 400f): Or, could these even work better than sour cream? Non-dairy yogurt sour cream. This is even more so when on a high-fat low-carb diet like keto. Yogurt makes a great sour … Hi! Creamy, acidic and tangy, sour cream works just like good old yogurt in various recipes calling for flavor, thickness, and moisture.There really is not much difference between yogurt and sour cream in terms of food preparation. Easy, No-guilt Topping. The high fat content of sour cream can be two-pronged though. When marinading chicken with sour cream though, always remember to keep it short. Nutritional Comparison of Yogurt and Sour Cream, How to make creamy, mild custard-style yogurt at home. For me this is the breakdown: In baking: Yogurt is fine to sub in for sour cream. Show 13 Comments Comments. If you are making a dip, use a blender or food processor to combine 1 cup cottage cheese with 1/4 cup yogurt or buttermilk. It is also readily available in many homes. 1. Greek yogurt also makes a healthier, yet surprisingly convincing alternative to sour cream for finishing tacos and burritos. Reply. Sour Cream Maya Giaquinta. Then remove the hot soup or sauce from the heat and allow to cool to a warm serving temperature. You’ll be amazed at how many Indian-food loving households keep a jar of sour cream in their fridge for sauces like raitha, curry, and masala. Depending on your needs, coconut cream can substitute yogurt in a 1:1 ratio. If you decide on substituting sour cream for Greek yogurt, use former in proportions equivalent to the latter. Posted by: Darlene; December 9, 2020; 131 views; 2 Comments; Recipe Questions; Recipe question for: Sheet-Pan Chicken & Cheesy Cauliflower Gratin. So I have recently found a recipe for chicken and potatoes that are smothered in a creamy, Parmesan-garlic sauce. If you are making a dip, it is an even swapjust make sure you use Greek yogurt or the yogurt is drained. Plain yogurt is the hands-down easiest substitute for sour cream. It’s not as delicate and contains just enough fat to prevent curdling or separating– even when boiling. Sour cream and yogurt are among a family of cultured, or fermented, dairy products. They add up to slightly more than one cup due to yogurt’s higher protein content vs. sour cream, but this should not negatively impact a baked good’s outcome.Can Yogurt Work in Sauces and Soups? Sour cream is typically around 35 to 38 percent fat, like whipping cream. Vanilla yogurt is often sweetened to bring out the vanilla flavor, so you'll also have to allow for both the sweetness and the vanilla flavor when you bake your cake. I was wondering which of these 3 dairy products would be best for substitution: Greek Yogurt, Butter, or Sour Cream. 2 Comments EmilyC December 9, 2020 Hi Darlene -- I haven't tried sour cream but it should work well! I know the question is usually posed as subbing yogurt for sour cream, but I wonder how it works in reverse. You can probably say that Greek yogurt tastes more like sour cream than it does actual yogurt. One cup sour cream can be substituted for one cup Greek yogurt, which makes it easy conversion for cooking. But I always use my own homemade yogurt. Sour cream will add a more indulgent bite to any dish, but the texture of the dish will remain the same. Is the different texture a deal breaker? Sour cream can easily blend with other ingredients like mustard, wine vinegar, or juice. For a cooked sauce, use a combination of 1 cup yogurt, 1 tablespoon flour, and 2 teaspoons water for 1 cup of sour cream.